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A New Understanding of Ocmulgee National Monument

Since 1974, archaeological, geo-spatial, astronomical and architectural analysis has radically changed the understanding studies of the enormous Ocmulgee Bottoms Archaeological Zone. These challenges to past speculations are neither reflected in anthropological literature nor in the exhibits at the Ocmulgee Museum. However, a dissertation in 2012 by Dr. Daniel Bigman for his Ph.D in Anthropology at the University of Georgia, cannot not be ignored by his profession. Ironically, Bigman was not aware of some of the most revolutionary implications of his research. His findings had a scientific basis and therefore, cannot be construed as speculations.

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Fort Caroline Home in Georgia

Oops! Did I let the cat out of the bag? Well, too late. We have identified infrared footprints near the south channel of the Altamaha River that match the shape and dimensions of the two long lost 16th century forts of Fort Caroline and Fort San Mateo. Despite what the “history books” say, it appears that Fort San Mateo was NOT reconstructed out of the ruins of Fort Caroline, but very close by. The footprint of probable Fort San Mateo is the same geometric form and dimensions of Fort Filipe II in Santa Elena, which was built at about the same time.

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